What is dynasty fantasy football?

If you’ve been playing fantasy football for any length of time, you know the thrill of assembling a roster of NFL stars and attempting to best the rest of the owners in your league.

Why not take it one step further?

A dynasty fantasy football league is one in which you keep your roster intact from one year to the next. Rather than redraft a new team every single season – which is fun and meaningful in its own right – you draft (or auction) your initial team and then you keep those players year after year. The only new players you add each offseason are rookies or veteran players who have been cut from other teams in your league.

Dynasty leagues are not for everybody, of course. You have to be a committed and dedicated owner who pays attention to football all year long.

When the NFL season ends, that doesn’t mean you take a six-month hiatus until the following training camp. On the contrary, you begin studying how to make your team successful next season. You start offering trades to your fellow owners and see if you can catch one of them sleeping on potential breakout stars.

It’s also during this lull in football action following the NFL’s Super Bowl that you really ramp up your preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft – if you haven’t already begun earlier. Because dynasty leagues don’t have a lot of available veterans, the main way to acquire new young talent is via your league’s rookie draft. Which means, you’ll have to get familiar with each incoming rookie class a lot more than you otherwise might have.

Dynasty fantasy football offers a challenge to owners who are ready to take the next step in this fun game we all love. It forces you to look beyond the current season and tests your ability to create a team that can compete for multiple championships.

Don’t miss out on this fun! Join a dynasty league today if you haven’t yet done so.